new moon

Introducing, New Moon 2021, the premier, made-to-measure bridal collection by Rose Savage.

Signalling new beginnings, a shedding of doubt and the elimination of uncertainty, a new moon is both the inspiration and namesake behind my latest bridal collection.

New Moon 2021 represents a fresh and fearless start.

For 3 years, I’ve been imagining what “New Moon” would look like, feel like and symbolise. The designs, fabrics, textures and nuances of the collection have been brewing in my mind for what seems like forever, so finally seeing my plans come to life is truly a dream come true.

As a child, I would often play with the crystals and semi-precious stones my mum used to collect. Each piece in my new collection is aptly inspired by and named after these gemstones, giving each of them their own unique power and personality.

The collection juxtaposes light and dark, softness and structure, smoothness and sparkle. Each piece is made with my favourite fabric types and carefully cut to provide the wearer with the most flattering shape and proportions. Personally, I like to describe it as a blend of disco, drama and divine romance.

The collection will be offered made-to-measure and prices range between £1395 – £1695. Each piece is made to order so please allow for a 6 month lead -time.

Each item, whilst very different from the other, has the Rose Savage trademark cut combined with a luxe, creative, cool girl vibe.

how it works

what is made to measure?

The correct fit is extremely important to me. When you buy a wedding dress off the peg, more often than not, you will need the dress adjusted to fit you and sometimes no amount of alterations will get a perfect fit. I want my brides to begin and end their journey with me, safe in the knowledge that their outfit will be a perfect fit without worrying about the extra expense of alterations….

have you found the one?

If you think you’ve found your dream wedding dress in my collection and want to start on the journey, I would love to chat!