What is Made-to-Measure?

Sometimes when bridal shopping you can feel bombarded with terminology. Words and phrases such as Bespoke, made-to-measure and off the peg crop up all over the place and it can be super confusing. You’ve probably also noticed that my new collection is being offered made-to-measure.

So what do these terms actually mean?

Off the peg
Garments that are made in standard sizes and can usually be tried on, bought, and taken away the same day. Also known as ready to wear. These are often made in factories on production lines so are the cheapest type of garments. 

Garments that can be ordered to be made using your specific measurements. Cheaper than bespoke but more expensive than off the peg

Garments that are custom made to your design and exact measurements. No bespoke garment is ever the same making it truly unique to its wearer. The most labour intensive and the most expensive to create.

Why I chose made-to-measure for my collection

The correct fit is extremely important to me. When you buy a wedding dress off the peg, more often than not, you will need the dress adjusted to fit you and sometimes no amount of alterations will get a perfect fit. I want my brides to begin and end their journey with me, safe in the knowledge that their outfit will be a perfect fit without worrying about the extra expense of alterations.

Discover my collection

How it works

When you come to try on a piece from the collection I will be on hand to fit the sample dress to you so you can get an idea of how the final piece will look. I will then take your full measurements and get to work creating your own unique version. Two fittings are included in the price of your dress so we can perfect the fit.

If you love a piece but would prefer a different neckline, fabric or embellishment than why not chat to me about having a bespoke design?

love, Rose xo