Why you don’t have to wear white on your wedding day

The white wedding dress. A symbol of tradition, virtue and, ahem, purity…

But who says you HAVE to wear white on your wedding day? In the western world, white only became the bridal colour of choice after the nineteenth century. Before then brides wore predominantly coloured dresses, patterned silks, and silver.

Why did they wear coloured wedding dresses?

Because they were easier and clea and could be worn more than once, and who doesn’t want to wear the most important outfit of their life more than once?

Don’t get more wrong, I love the drama of a white or ivory dress but if you’re thinking you might like to mix it up with a bit of colour here are my tips:

Go with your skin tone

If you know what colours you usually wear but are thinking about a different shade for you wedding day, choose a colour that suits your skin tone and one that you would be happy to wear again after the wedding. If you’re getting your dress made, your seamstress should be able to advise you on the right tone and shade.

Trust your gut

In my experience as a bridal dressmaker, 9 times out of 10, the first colour that the bride picks out is the one they end up with. Even if we order 20 samples we usually go back to the first choice. Trust your instinct.

If you want to be more subtle with colour then why not add a bit of colourful detail to your outfit instead of going full block colour? You could add a trim or some embellishment to pick out the colour pallet from your wedding day. Or maybe just the lining or petticoat has colour that can only be seen if you lift the hem.

Variations on ivory can give your dress a vintage feel. Look at Champagne, Oyster, Blush and Duck Egg for colour inspiration.

Pastels are having a bit of a moment in bridal wear as an alternative to Ivory so why not try a pale pink or blue?

Whatever you decide just make sure it’s something you love!

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love, Rose xo